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Are your numbers correct part 2 – Checking Cross Tabulations – How To and What For?

January 28, 2021 @ 1:30 pm 2:15 pm

Speaker: Evgeny Zlatkovsky, N’counter

Convenor: Alexander Rummel, Aurum Research

Between collecting data in a raw data set and their interpretation in a report, there is an obligatory stage of data evaluation and analysis. Whereas the advanced statistics are perfectly suitable for a profound insight into each question and each probable correlation, a quick overview, however, goes better with a bivariate analysis. 

Cross-tabulation aims to display all the questions at once in a simple and well-arranged way, provided with percentages and all other basic parameters, and considering/comparing several subgroups. Mostly, a cross-tabulation is the only source for a data insight, without any approaches using alternative methods. 

Thus, it is all the more important to be confident about the values within a cross-tabulation, “they just have to be clean”

This webinar will focus on the various criteria which are crucial for the correctness of the data in a cross-tabulation, such as bases, scales, routings, missing values, cross-breaks

There will be three aspects of checking for each of the criteria above: 

  • How to check, if they are correct or not;
  • how to find data errors; 
  • how to clean them adequately.

There will be a live demonstration of those processes of checking, error-finding, and cleaning, using the examples of the real cross-tabulations.

This webinar is for:

Anyone interested in data, professionals, and learners

You can attend if you are from an EphMRA member company or an invited guest.

Evgeny Zlatkovsky

Evgeny Zlatkovsky


After graduating from the Moscow State University with a diploma in sociology, Evgeny opted for a career in market research and dedicated fifteen years to this fascinating field.

During this time Evgeny has gathered substantial experience using different techniques across various fields that had a strong focus on healthcare research.
Evgeny managed a healthcare research unit of a renowned agency for many years. After that he moved into data analysis and has been running a data analysis and software development company for more than a decade.